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Lowering Your Employee Overhead Costs:

Right now every company needs to find ways to lower their costs and we can help. Let us compare your cost apples to apples and you will be surprised how much you can save without having to sacrifice service or employee satisfaction. Pricing - Learn More

Giving You Only What You Need:

You need flawless payroll, quality health care and workers comp along with a trusted HR partner to keep you compliant. Why pay a premium for all the other stuff you don’t use or need? Services - Learn More

Trusted HR Professionals:

Makai’s HR staff can go toe to toe with any of the largest firms in Hawaii. We will keep you compliant, up to date on labor law changes and be there for you should you need our support. Compliance - Learn More

Amazing Cloud-based HR System:

Our clients have the nations leading HRIS system for small to medium size business at their finger-tips. Any report you need, easy to use employee files, paperless employee status changes, everything at a low cost.

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