Your HR partner should be someone you can always count on. The whole reason why you outsourced your HR administration to your HR partner was so that you knew your employees were taken care of and you were getting the lowest possible price. Makai HR is committed to being that partner. Call us today at 451-0000!


Through our free HR Audits, year to date, Makai HR has collectively saved Hawaii small business owners over $942,404.62 with more savings being discovered every day.

The HR industry has changed A LOT in the last 5 years. 

Technology has lowered the cost of outsourced HR.


Business owners are demanding transparent and fair pricing from their HR & payroll providers, and a service model that puts the business owner and their employees first. 

Things we can help you answer:

  • What is part of your "Contracted Rate"?

  • Is your HR partner capping your taxes?

  • When's the last time they lowered your SUTA rate?

  • Speaking of which... what is your SUTA rate?

  • How is your HR partner pro-actively working with you to lower your renewal rates?

  • Your company has doubled in size... when's the last time your admin rate was lowered?

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