Much like the trend of folks "cutting the cord" with their cable company and choosing more cost effective, targeted solutions in their own homes, so is Makai HR for small to medium size business owners who are realizing that their larger HR provider has not evolved its offerings to fit their needs and instead continues to charge them an arm and a leg for stuff they simple don't use or need.

That is end, Makai HR gives Hawaii business the option to "cut that cord" and experience a solution that gives them and their employees only what they need:


- Flawless payroll with free time and attendance management

- Quality, cost-effective health care options

- HR compliance both state and federal

- A comprehensive workers' comp solution

- Supplemental Benefits like 401k and FSA


All on a technology platform that is easy to use, has great reports that help you make good business decisions, and is safe and secure.

That is what we have built and the reason we are the fastest growing HR solution in Hawaii. 



To always bring the small to medium size business community in Hawai'i a set of cost effective HR solutions that fits their level of need.



To support Hawai’i’s business community with a set of reliable, cost effective HR solutions.

Makai HR is proud to partner with HMAA and Kaiser Permanente to offer best in class benefits to our clients and their employees.

Kaiser Permanente